• TSD currently markets to engineering firms, construction companies, oil pipeline companies, oil refineries, mining companies, state and local governments and federal governments. Our marketing area currently consists of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North and South Dakotaand into eastern Washington, and Colorado.
We sell environmental equipment and supplies from a wide range of national manufacturers.  We also assemble and fabricate remediation equipment for these same firms. Our primary purpose is to be a one stop shop for these firms and clients for all of their environmental equipment needs.

TSD Technical Specialists
1069 Hannon Road #A
Billings, Montana 59102

"Technical & Environmental Supplies & Rentals"

   "If we don't have what you need, we can get it. If we can't get it, we can build it!"

Toll Free - 1-888-639-7909          Office - (406) 256-7782          Fax - (406) 256-7792

Monday - Friday      8am-5pm


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